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pre breeding


Determine Pregnancy

Care of bitch during pregnancy

Care of bitch During Pregnancy


Signs of Labor







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Instructions and thought on Breeding and Raising Bulldog Puppiesby barbara or boo Scully

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pre breeding

A) Have all shots up to date.

B) Have Vet check bitch to see if she has any parasites (worms).

C) Have Vet check her to see if she can be bred naturaIly~ although most of my breedings are done artificially.


A) AI or Artificial Insemination, has been just as, or more effective way of breeding than natural, especially in Bulldogs, since they have a difficult time in achieving a natural tie.

B) A.I. is much cleaner and quicker. Clean sterilized equipment is used in each breeding

C) On the 6th day of the heat take her to your Vet for a vaginal smear. This will tell him, and you, where she Is in her heat cycle, and about when she should be bred. The average bitch is bred between the 8th and the 13th day of her cycle.lf your Vet doesn't’t do smears, I can do them. It is best to call me on the first day of her cycle to make arrangements with me when to come out and see with whom you would like to breed. The more popular males have to be reserved in advance.

0) If your dog has been running with other dogs or has been in contact with other dogs, I recommend a Brucellosis smear.

F) The bitch is usually left here and is bred on the best day of her cycle, according to the smear results. The Bitch is usually bred 2 or 3 times with a day between each breeding.

F) I will call you after the first and last breeding with a progress report (or you can call me).

C) Bring any special food, otherwise we will use the dry dog food which we use.Also bring any medication, toys, bowls or blankets that are required or makes her comfortable.

II) If you can not take her to a Vet for a vaginal smear, bring her here by the 6th or 7th day of her heat, but no later than the 8th day from when she started to show. Let me know she has a long or short heat from previous experience,

I) Slides (vaginal), and boarding are included in the stud service. A stud contract will he given to you when you pick her up. You have the choice of paying a fee or breeding for my pick of a puppy from the litter. This decision is made at the time of the breeding.

J) At least one service is guaranteed,however, in most cases, as many returns as ii takes to get the bitch pregnant are given.

K) She will be kept isolated, or kenneled with other females or puppies, when here and put in an isolation run when she goes out,

this is for her protection.

14 Every effort will be made to protect her safety and health, however we can not guarantee from problems arising from accidents and acts of God.

Determine Pregnancy

A) At exact!y 4 weeks after breeding, (take middle dale of breeding or the date 1 tell you is best), you can take the bitch to the Vet to be palpitated for puppies. The pups are the size of a pea at this stage and can sometimes he felt. Bulldog! are hard to palpitate.if your vet has one you can have her ultra sound at this time.

B) At six weeks she should be showing some signs of pregnancy, such as: getting enlarged breasts, increase of appetite, etc..

IXi Care of Bitch During Pregnancy

A) From4 weeks on. give 1/3 of a can or Langs liver mixed with her dry food plus 2 vitamins a day ,no other supplements are necessary.This isn't has necessary as it once was as foods are better. Some people give folic acid.

B) Unless she is over weight; let her eat all she wants. Use common sense.

C) If she is overweight before breeding she should have been put on a diet.

B) Toward the end of her pregnancy her appetite will decrease because of her discomfort and fullness. Feed her smaller amounts, more often during the day.


A) I recommend a Caesarian section 6% of Bulldogs are natural whelpers. If your Vet questions this; I will give you an article on the subject written by an authority on Bulldogs.

B) Pups are usually born 61 days from breeding. Your Vet should be contacted at least a week  before she is expecting. The Vet should check her at 58 to 61 days to check her progress.

C) It is better for the bitch and the pups if she can start labor before she is taken in for the Caesarian.


A) Remember all bitches and pregnancies are different and these are just general guide lilies).

B) the rectal temperature will drop 2 degrees from the normal temperature approximately 12 hours before labor.

C)Her temperature should to be taken at regular intervals a week before to establish a pattern. A norm will be 101 and her temperature should drop below 99 when she approaching delivery.


I) nesting or digging

2) stringy discharge up to a week before.This is a good  sign she is pregnant, if you find any doubts. has have exrayed but not sooner than their 50th day.

3) Bloody or ~w atery discharge (call Vet)

4) Stops eating.

S ).Panting.

6) Restlessness

S) When she drops (her belly somewhat moves down and back)

9) Presence of milk.

D) All or,some ,or some of these things may happen to warn you something is going to happen soon.

Fj Call Vet if she has any of signs #3, #5, or#7 accompanied by

#1.This means she is getting close to having those pups.

F She may sleep much of the day before labor starts.

G. If she has a black, bloody or greenish discharge at anytime let vet know immediately.


A) Small box or container to take pups home In from the hospital

B) Several towels or receiving blankets to put in and over the box

C) Hot water bottle or Heating pad to use to line the box. Have someone heat box before you leave the Vets. Also have car running and heated before you take pups from Vets.

0) have old sheets on the seat of the car or where you lay the bitch on her trip home. She will be bleeding some, and sleepy and weak.

E When you  get her home have her urinate when possible <this will get rid of the anesthetic>

F) Feed her all she wants including milk. cottage cheese and eggs~but~ nothing that will give her gas or diarrhea like liver or


G A box approximately 12" high by 24" long < a dresser or file drawer works well>, lined with uneven material and covered by a terry cloth towel or receiving blanket < do not use disposable diapers>.

H On one end suspend an incandescent light bulb, <a cheap clamp-on bought at the hardware works well>, this can be attached to the box or a shelf above the box.

I  /Right under the lamp, the temperature should register about 90 and on the other end of the box the temperature will be about 85. You can lower the temperature after a week.

jJ   Test and adjust light until you get the right height for this temperature before hand.

K) Put this box up and away from drafts and where the bitch cannot get to it and dump it over.

L) Pups will be in this box between feedings do not use heating pad once the pups are home and in this box. Pups will move to and from heat source The lumps and the length of the box plus the lamp will encourage them, to move about. you will be putting  them on the mother every 2 to 3 hours for the first couple of days, lengthening the time at night first, but Is; not more than 4 hours between feedings.

M).l-Honey or clear Karo-syrup to give pups when they first come home just a little on your ringer and stuck in their mouth before the first feeding. They are born with low blood sugar and this gives them quick energy and strength. Give some to the mother too.

N ).A good scale, a balance scale is preferable; they will lose little weight  the first day but should maintain or gain the next day and gain some every from than on.. keep records and always weigh at the saint time after feeding each day.

0) You are not to leave them with the bitch unattended; she can lay on one and smother it; this can happen in a few’ minutes; so don’t say I’ll just go in the next room for a couple of minutes arid they will be all right. Just take them away and put them in the box’ when not attained You may leave them with the mother if she is good with them when they are about one and a half weeks old. But do so gradually and on a trial basis at first letting her have them more each time until you can trust both of them.

P).Vaseline—You must stimulate their butts to make them have to urinate and have bowel movements after each feeding. Rub some on their behinds and rub using a circular motion when holding the puppy belly down across you r leg( put a diaper on leg) The belly will bump against the leg when you rub and this is good.When the bitch is out of the anesthetic you can put pups butts to her mouth arid she may clean them; if riot you still have to do this after each feeding until she does it.

Q)you’ must put pups right on the bitch to teat when you get home even if she is still sleepy. They need that colostrum the first six so twelve hours, This gives the pups their much needed natural protection against puppy diseases. You may  have to teach them how to nurse by putting their mouths  right on the teat. Bull-dogs have :awkward shaped mouths and usually need help at the first feedings.You can even squeeze the teat to get milk into the mouth.

R) If you know how to tube feed, then you can give a little Catorade or sugar water when they come home, feed about 2 cc to each puppy.

5) Baby Ear Syringe to clear puppies throat if needed.

I). OPTIONAL BUT life saving; have a Portable OXYGEN Supply, can be bought-or rented at a medical supply house or some drug stores,

U) escablac or other milk replacement (get at vets before you leave with pup) or evaporated milk. Plus a Baby Bottle and PRIM!! NIPPLES or a FEEDING TUBE and SYRINGE EquipmentGet from vet and have him or me teach you how to use it). I prefer tube (a size 12tube , but many like the bottle better. If you need to use a bottle make sure the milk does not come out the nose of the Puppy You will have to supplement if the puppy doesn't start gaining weight by the end of the second day. A pup that loses more than 10% of his body weight is in trouble and must BE attended to.You may only have to supplement for awhile or until the pup has gained strength and catches up. Make sure he is also put on the bitch to get that colostrum.


A) 5 pts. evaporated milk to I pt. boiled water,1 tsp calcium phosphate per qt

Ii) One can evaporated milk, one egg yoke and I TBS karo syrup and I tsp.lime water. You can use gelatin softened with hot ‘water and dissolved with with the formula instead of lime water.

C) Two cans of water- to one can of evaporated milk, one ‘1’BS of Karo, 2 yokes and 2 packages of gelatin dissolved in the hot water. this makes up into a custard like formula and is very nice.

If the pup has trouble with these formulas like gas, etc., try ~ soy substitute like pro soybean, using 5 pts to 1 pt water or follow instructions on the can.Do not over feed, Usually the same cc’s as the pups weight in ounces can be given .3 times a day as a supplement (8 oz. pup will get Sec’s to start with.)

E) there are is 15 cc in 1/2 oz and 30 cc in an oz, and 15 in  a Tablespoon.

F) Burp them and make them have a bowel movement after each feeding

C) Call me for further details.

II) If you have to take the pup off the mother entirely call me or ask the  Vet how much to feed. You do not feed as, much the first weeks  as it says on the esbalaccan.

I) An excellent book is the Bordens Guide to the care and feeding or orphan pups. Ask your Vet for it.

I) fry to keep the mother and the pups separate the first coupe of weeks except for feeding, but gradually let her have them for longer period! of time depending on how they do.

when they get old enough you can put them in a whelping box

i recommend the one you get from fawn run


A) YOUR PUPPY TURNS BLUE or gets gas when nursing. Clear throat with Ear Syringe. Reach far back in throat to get out phlegm.

B) shake DOWN If he is still having trouble, stand up holding the puppy, one hand firmly under his whole body and your hand over his whole body making sure his head is firmly held. Swing in an arch from your shoulder to between your legs; puppies head will be down when you do this.,This will shake out anything lodged in the throat etc.Do this a couple of times and check him, rub with a a rough towel and put back on mother or under heat source.if he seems weakened from this, give him a little honey on the finger . Sometimes a whiff of ammonia or a pinch of the tail will help Keep a little capped bottle near by.

C) Your puppies are doing fine,-gaining weight, mother has plenty of milk, they are strong and vigorous, ate plenty last meal but have been CRYING OR RESTLESS for 3 hours and are driving you crazy, Turn off the light for 5 min. and see if they calm down. If they do , they were too hot and you will have to raise the light or change the wattage of the bulb until they seem comfortable again. The reverse is also true they may be too cold, if they are, they will usually huddle together. But more often they will be too hot in this situation.

9) You bring the puppy home and one seems weak and lethargic and won’t nurse. Don’t immediately supplement with food. This may only compound the problem

I) give a little honey.

2) make a sling to fit around your neck out of a towel or halter or receiving blanket to put puppy in, put this under your shirt and go about your work for a while. Hopefully he will start to perk up a little. lie may have been chilled. ,Warm slowly.

3) If his stomach has a bluish tinge or water just under the surface, he may have water, After you put him back under the light get up every hour and rub him down and stimulate to urinate. Listen to chest to see if he sounds gurglcy-clear throat with syringe.

4) In morning if he still has water or is weak, call the vet, he may be able to give hint a shot to relieve the water.

S) By the second day if he is still not nursing, try giving him some sugar water. To start about t tsp.of sugar to a cup of water (pre-boiled) water. If he seems perky but still doesn't nurse, try supplementing with the formula. Under feed a little and cut the formula a 3rd. Gatorade  or pediolite is good instead of sugar water if you have it. About the amount of sugar water to give-give a little less than the amount of cc’s the puppy weighs in on. 7 cc to 8 oz pup. Remember 15 cc’s to a tablespoon,


A) Remember to keep accurate records for each pup. Make a  hart describing pup, individual markings,color and sex etc. Sometimes it’s easy to get some look alike litters mixed up. This should be done when you get home from the vet.Recording in it, after each pup, his progress after each feeding.Yon can use symbols like p for poo etc..Keep these, even alter you have raised the litter ,it may help you or someone else in the future.

13) Large Litter Nursing Schedule-try to divide by color or markings into 2 groups and put half on at a time, If you have more than 6. put little ones on the end teat. Feed each group about 20 to 30 minutes, and let mother or you stimulate to bowel movements, Put in box and put on other group. You can sometimes get more on more teat by propping each one up with a small piece of towel or wash cloth-put between each pup.

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A) Mother Seems Weak, has pa!e gums, falls over. Give equal amounts of honey and brandy, by tablespoon. Give whiff of ammo-nit See if she will eat raw harnburger,.milk.Give a little strong coffee poured in side of the mouth.

B) Take her temperature to see if it is unusually low or high. keep warm

C) If you have oxygen, give a whiff.

B) Another erneregncy formula for shock is-one teaspoon of s:salt and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in a quart of water, given mouth

F) Try one thing at a time and check results,

F) If all else fails, keep the pet calm, and warm and call the vet and lake her to the hospital.

G) If  only her head shakes  and all else is well, she probably has low blood sugar and give her a tablespoon of Karo syrup or honey.

II) Panting in the Mother and all else seems to be normal in the first couple of days. I believe this is some how related to bring down the milk  If all is well, no temperature, etc. ,don’t worry.

Good Luck and a Beautiful Litter.