International American and French Champion Boo's Apple Cider

 In France the Bulldog Club exercises quite considerable control over its membership with regard to their breeding program. The club is given this power by the French dog world's governing body. the society Centrale Canine, who in turn take their authority from the country's Ministrie deL'Agriculture. Although the stud book is in the exclusive ownership of the SCC, the clubs have the right to control breeding by granting points to the stock on a scale system. The maximum points is six, and this gives the dog the title reproducer  d'Elite'. This denotes that this is a first rate sire or dam; the title is only granted to those dogs and bitches who have produced more than five winners of an award equivalent to a this present time very few have attained this high award. seven listed 1995 book

One of these is INT Ch. boo's Apple Cider

from bulldogs today by Chris Thomas

featured in the coffee table book Les Chiens or The Dog


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