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Tess Kramer brn 3/8/92  granddaughter mom Shannon  father mark February 1, 2007 guess who in 1945 Saipan guess who in 35

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Missy and Josh Wedding

missy is an Automotive Interior Designer for Johnson Controls

shantessnw.JPG (82597 bytes) Shannon and tess  Shannon is ex fashion designer, graduated from Parsons School of Design NY. lives in Romeo Mi

director of Starkweather art gallery

February 4, 2007

booeng.JPG (6502 bytes)b

boo in  England

josh and missy  josh has his Ph.D. in bio chem and is teaching Montessori  school in Monroe Mich.. He coaches track and long distant running  .She is an engineer at Johnson Controls.

quinn is now

quinlan and josh school photos 2006


quinlan scully grandson

Quinlan Edward Scully go see pictures

now high school director and teacher at Montessori school Monroe Mi

website On line running coach

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flush.JPG (11813 bytes) baba.JPG (10629 bytes) clover.JPG (6928 bytes)
Sara the border collie  flush on the computer ba ba clover


fleur the corgie giblet and friend fred and molly  


beauty.jpg (135954 bytes)
beauty the morgan dandy the minature horse jon the clumber spaniel fleur welch corgie
gone but not forgotten      


back yard where dogs play

on golden pond my money pit

fishpnd.JPG (47646 bytes)fish pond

autumn trees

cosmas.JPG (45311 bytes) lstrose98.JPG (37835 bytes) pnkrose.JPG (16873 bytes)

fall flowers

last rose of