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phone call for an appointment
586 752 9489 cell 586 292 4753 email boo

puppy information


price is $2500 $200 down

all pups are sold and in their new homes

call sandy 810 955 1107 to be put on her waiting list

nellie pup female 3 boy femal 1 2 females


4wks may 31

call boo at


585 272 8465 cell 586 292 4753



Cost of Raising a Bulldog Litter



sex of down payment on puppy
down payment on puppy


member of and referred breeder of the Bulldog Club of America check referral page and older dog page for other puppies available puppy information

sold puppies&; puppy questionnaire    good reading below

check here for older dogs and puppies available most on limited reg



Responsible Breeding Position Statement

email me      contract

only used for non refundable down payments of $200 or more

Cost of Raising a Bulldog Litter

keys to raising a happy healthy puppy

referral  puppies here


  1. buy dog frames on eBay

general information on the bulldog

Your New puppy

dog training one o one

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Bulldog Buyers Beware!!!!

Please Click Here for an Important message

Beware any breeder that does not let you come to their house or kennel to pick up your dog or puppy. Do not buy from a parking lot. get references. There is a kennel using a name very similar to mine< B??? bulldog farm> that will have you meet them in a parking lot. Insist on seeing their kennel. Get a contract that you can have the puppy vet checked and brought back if sick. 
Under state law, a proposed name cannot be the same as, or deceptively similar to, the name of any entity or any name filed, reserved, or registered with the Corporations Division. Boo's Bulldog Farm LLC is a Licensed name with the state of Michigan do not deal there is only one boo's bulldog farm